Blog Action Day Was a Success

By Sarah Johnston

Some highlights from the BAD08 Wrap Up:

Great Posts:

  1. How $70,000 Delivered 5,000 Families from Drought and Hunger [Podcast] – BiggSuccess
  2. 8 Simple Ways to Save Money & Help Stop Poverty – Stepcase LifeHack
  3. Why I Think the Internet Is Key to Combating Poverty – DailyBlogTips
  4. How To Make Yourself Happier During the Economic Crisis – Huffington Post
  5. 15 Volunteers with 200 Lunches hit the streets of San Antonio – On Vimeo
  6. Putting the ACTION into Blog Action Day 2008 – Train For Humanity
  7. “The Working Poor.” Resources for you to help – Business Casual Blog
  8. 88 Ways to DO something to fight poverty today – BlogActionDay
  9. Blog Action Day: Fighting Poverty in the U.S. –
  10. Prayers at the Close of Blog Action Day – Faith and AIDS
  11. After 42 hrs of Blogging for Blog Action Day! – United Way
  12. Interview of City Council Member Mike Martinez – United Way
  13. 17 Images of Poverty – Digital Photography School
  14. Teach a Child, Save a Generation – One Caveman’s Financial Journey


12,800 Bloggers
14,053 Blog Posts
13,498,280 Readers
17 Top 100 Blogs

Whether it was donating to the official BAD08 charity – The Global Fund, $3,159 was raised for that – or fundraising for their own preferred charities, bloggers gave freely to organisations like Feeding America, Donors Choose, World Hunger Relief and many, many more.

A heartening thing to know at a time like this.


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