Giving, Angelically

By Cheryl Mahoney

A few posts ago, I wrote about a story of giving from the Great Depression, of one man who gave, not large amounts, but a little bit, helping others where he could.  I thought it was an inspiration for our time.

Recently, I saw another article, about someone who, probably not consciously or knowingly, has picked up that inspiration and carried on the work B. Virdot was doing.  Recently, the Half Moon Bay Review wrote an article about Susan Donahue, who has just founded the Coastside Angels Network.


The story is simple enough: going to Las Vegas, Susan and a friend talked about what they’d do if they hit it big.  Susan said she’d start an organization to help people.  Well, she didn’t win millions–but she won enough to be able to help in small ways–and as I’ve said again and again, the seemingly smallest ways can be so big in someone’s life.

Susan Donahue plans to write a monthly column in the Review about the giving projects she undertakes.  You can read about last month’s story here.

One thing that jumped at me was the comment on one example of a small thing she’d like to do: buy shoes for a child.  That same example came up for B. Virdot and his work, eighty years ago in a different economic crisis.  Some things don’t change–people’s needs, and the value of reaching out to help them.

Feel like giving a child shoes?  You can do it too.


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