Presidential Address on Service

By Cheryl Mahoney

statue-of-libertyIn my efforts to be a conscious citizen, I try to keep up with President Obama’s weekly Saturday morning addresses to the nation.  I thought he had a particularly good message this week, one I’d like to direct a little attention towards.  This is not a political blog and I have no intention of it becoming one, but the president’s message this week about coming together and valuing service is a truly bipartisan one.

Beginning with a discussion on the disaster and relief efforts in North and South Dakota and Minnesota, President Obama moves into a broader statement about the value of service, commending all the individuals who volunteer to help their communities, in this particular situation and in all situations.

Let me share my favorite quote from the address:

“It’s also a reminder of what we can achieve when Americans come together to serve their communities.  All across the nation, there are men, women and young people who have answered that call, and millions of other who would like to. Whether it’s helping to reduce the energy we use, cleaning up a neighborhood park, tutoring in a local school, or volunteering in countless other ways, individual citizens can make a big difference.”

You can view the entire address on The White House Blog.  He moves into a more general discussion of service about halfway through, around 2:38.

Feel inspired?  Make a difference.


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