Giving to the Earth

By Cheryl Mahoney

Happy Earth Day!

Considering all the buzz I’ve seen everywhere from BART ads to Twitter to the comics page, you’re probably aware that today is the day for celebrating the planet.  I like to see it as a good day for a spread of awareness and renewal of commitment.

In honor of Earth Day, I’ve been looking for good Green sites and resources to share.  The list abounds, but here’s a few I like.


Green For All is working for a green economy, with efforts from the federal level to the community level, and with resources to share at every level.

Envirothink offers informative articles on climate change and about innovative products offering environmental solutions.

I recently joined Greenwala, an online community centered around living a green lifestyle.  You should join and connect with me!  And my favorite part–for everyone who joins, they plant a tree.  As they say, just by joining you can “put your life on a greener path to the future.”

Want to put even more trees into the world?  Check out the opportunities to donate to plant trees available on UniversalGiving.  Or if your budget is tight, my favorite sites to “click for free to save the world” include some tree-related ones, like The Rainforest Site and Oaks of the World, or Care2 where you can plant trees and also offset carbon emissions.

Looking for a movement to join to fight global warming?  In that case, is looking for you.  I’m a member.  You can be too.

I hope something here appeals to you, and that you’ll give it a click!  And I hope that the spirit of Earth Day sweeping everyone today won’t end with sundown.  There’s no reason we can’t plant trees tomorrow too.


One thought on “Giving to the Earth

  1. Love your practical suggestions for how to take action on Earth Day, especially as related to trees. I have oaks and an ash in my backyard that provide shade on hot days and beauty every day. I love them. Trees go very far toward keeping this earth green.

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