Just Go For It!

By Jacqueline Labrador

 We are full of good intentions.  But sometimes because of our busy lives our intentions just stay that way.  Intentions can be a powerful thing but there are times when we need to turn our good intentions into reality.  Small things can be so important in our lives and the lives of others and we often overlook them and they end up taking a back seat to the everyday tasks that we face. 

 praise_holy_hands_268446_lWhen I was a child I used to sell the tops off of rosewood tree cones and use the money to sponsor an animal in the zoo.  It wasn’t much, but this was something that I could do given my limited resources that gave me purpose and to push something positive forward. These days it seems like I should look back and take some inspiration from my childhood and do something that had always sparked my imagination and gotten me excited about the world.  I have always been passionate about travel and other cultures, and for as long as I can remember I’ve intended to sign up to volunteer overseas.  So many things in my life became obstacles to this but with patience and perseverance I have started working toward making this a reality, because if there is something that you want out of life there are so many resources to make it possible.  So with nothing to lose I decided to apply for a grant to volunteer in an orphanage in Russia.  I know that the time that I spend with these kids will be an invaluable experience for both them and for myself. 

 Sometimes our hesitation comes coupled with a bit of fear and uncertainty but most of the time you just have to go for it and face the unknown.  Everything is a learning experience, even those things in life we perceive as being negative, all we can do is see what we learnt from it and move onto something more positive. Going overseas for a month may not be realistic for most but if your passion is animals you could volunteer at the local shelter and walk dogs for a few hours a week, or you could send $5 to an organization that appeals to you. Its those little things that you look back on that can give so much satisfaction.   

 That first step can often be the hardest to take but often the one you’ll never regret.  Find something that gets you excited and go for it!


One thought on “Just Go For It!

  1. So very true. I have always dreamed of volunteering in Africa, but time, finances, my familys expectations, and the comforts of home have held off my dream…. But a idea only becomes a dream when you want it bad enough. However, ideas and dreams deserve similar treatment and both require you to “go for it”.

    Well said and it has inspired me to sort out my dreams and make them a reality.

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