The Gift of Education

By Cheryl Mahoney

It’s undeniable that education is a key factor for individuals trying to better their lives and escape poverty.  I recently found a great resource making it easy to do something towards helping children receive that invaluable gift of education.


Givology connects donors to students in need.  Part of the beauty of the site are the very personal connections.  Rather than donating money for a vague mass of “impoverished students,” Givology lets you choose an individual student to help sponsor.  On their site you can look at profiles of the children, with a picture, a few biographical details, and a brief story about their circumstances.  You can even search for students by age, region, gender, and more.  When you give on Givology, you know exactly who you’re helping.  You can even send messages to the students, and they post regular updates on progress.

You can give as little as five dollars, while just $250 is enough to fully sponsor a child.  As their website says, “donations as little as $5 may seem insignificant, but small-denomination contributions add up to a powerful aggregate that can change lives and futures.”

I couldn’t put it better.


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