Don't Worry – Be Happy

By Cheryl Mahoney

I was musing over what I might write about today.  While I was still thinking, I happened across a wonderful post on TokoniMichaelG wrote about how our perceptions create our happiness (or unhappiness).  And I thought, now here’s someone who’s written many things I’d like to say, and written them very well.  So I decided I’ll write something myself in a day or two, but for today I’d just like to recommend “Don’t Worry – Be Happy” by MichaelG.

Smiley Face

Here’s a few of my favorite quotes from the story:

“As one person said, “I spent my life worrying about so many things that never came true.” And personally, I’ve never seen worry change a gosh-darn thing. It either IS – or it isn’t – and all the worry in the world never changes that.”

“One of my favorite things to tell people is: “Just because you are upset doesn’t mean I have to get upset.” Note that doesn’t mean I might not CARE – but you can care without getting all emotionally wound up and involved…”

“What IS the nature of happiness?  I’ll tell ya. It’s your perceptions of how you see things, ability to accept what does not affect you, and knowledge of what you can not change — and accepting that, too.”

“Happiness is looking for the brightest things in the darkest times; and when you can’t find that light, accepting the darkest times as just another experience in your life.  Happiness is seeing your roof get blown away, and thinking: I needed to get a new roof.”

MichaelG also had a new post up today about worry, if you’d like to read that one too.


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