How To Grow a Business

By Cheryl Mahoney


The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.  I admit that name made me blink a little the first time I saw it.  Turns out that it’s a book and website about “cleaning up in business, even if you are at the end of your roll.”  Cute.

Mike Michalowicz wrote the book and runs the blog, which offers great advice on how to be an entrepreneur, with posts on advertising and unexpected books to read, how to be green and how to feel inspired.  My favorite thing–he gathers up tips from other entrepreneurs on a particular subject, like ways to grow a business, then posts a list of advice on the blog.  I have to particularly recommend his latest one, “How to Grow a Business, the Eleven Ways,” because our founder and CEO Pamela Hawley contributed tip #11!

So today I’m offering a slightly more indirect resource for giving, but if you have an idea for changing the world, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur might have advice to help you do it.  Even if you’re feeling at the end of your roll.  🙂


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