All Animals Are Comrades

By Jacqueline Labradorpuppy

Who can resist the sight of a litter of puppies or watching a polar bear slide down a snowy hill on its belly?  Almost every day I have some sort of encounter with animals, and not only do I learn something new from them; they also never cease to amaze me.  I wanted to dedicate this post to my love for animals. For the way they offer a person so much, and how a deep bond can be forged without uttering a single word. 

At a Memorial Day barbeque my family’s dog Oddie would flit from person to person leaving smiles on everyone’s faces.  He added a little something extra to that day.  There is definitely a reason that people have photo albums of their pets and why they tell stories lovingly of their mishaps and adventures.  And we all know the health benefits that pets can offer us including stress relief and as an aid from mild depression. Whilst out in nature there is a certain excitement that comes with the encounter of a wild deer or a koala nestled in the branches of a tree.  During the recent fires in Australia a story emerged of a firefighter and his encounter with an injured Koala that awed the whole world.  Life just wouldn’t be the same without their presence.  And with that in mind it is our job to make sure that we can protect those creatures we love so much by being mindful of how we act toward our environment and how it can also affect them.  Orwell said in his 1945 book Animal Farm; “he [man] is the lord of all the animals”, if this is so then we should try to be just rulers.  We can enrich the lives of our planet’s creatures and in turn they will also enrich ours. 

And click here just to make you smile : )


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