From Florida to D.C. – on foot

By Cheryl Mahoney

Red Wagon

Thanks to the unexpected connections of Twitter, I found an amazing story yesterday.  I manage UniversalGiving’s twitter account (we love followers!), and yesterday my notices of new followers included ZachyB1.  ZachyB1 is Zachary Bonner, the founder of The Little Red Wagon Foundation, Inc.

I checked out his website,, and learned that Zach is walking from Tampa, Florida to Washington D.C.  That’s one thousand, two hundred and twenty-five miles.  (I thought if I wrote it out in words that might capture the scope of it better than numbers…but nothing really can.)  I don’t think I can really imagine walking that many miles.  I walked across San Francisco once, but that’s only about seven miles–no comparison.

So, the big question–WHY is Zach doing this?  He’s walking to raise awareness of homeless children.  The march is called “My House to the White House.”  Visit Zach’s website, and he’ll tell you all about it himself in a video.

But here’s the best part of the whole story.  A walk like that is impressive.  Raising awareness like that is impressive.  But it gets better–Zach is eleven years old.

I’ve loved reading Zach’s Twitter updates.  They’re full of wonderful references to “stranger friends” met along the road, and written with a maturity that, if it weren’t for the video, would almost make me suspicious that he was secretly older.  But if there’s anything Zach’s proving, it’s that you’re never too young (or too old, for that matter) to make a difference, and that there’s no such thing as “can’t.”  Because if there’s anything that can’t be done, it’s a kid walking over a thousand miles–but he’s doing it.

You can donate to The Little Red Wagon Foundation through Zach’s website.  Or for another option to help homeless children, click here.


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