Easy Actions For Change

By Cheryl Mahoney

One thing I love about my job–I get to spend my work time looking at great, positive, inspiring websites, and then I get to come on here and talk about them!  Today it was Change the World for Ten Bucks, which I found through this article in the Edmond Sun.


The theory is simple enough.  Many small actions by many people create big change.  I am 100% with them on that belief.  Five years ago, a community organization in London launched a book called Change the World for Ten Bucks.  It was recently printed in the U.S. for the first time.  The book contains fifty suggestions for simple, everyday actions in our daily lives that we can take to change the world.

For example: you can change the world while brushing your teeth.  Rather than leaving the water runnng while you’re brushing, just turn it off.  Over time, you can save gallons of water that way.  Or another option–reduce your plastic bag use.  I’m pleased to say I do that already.  I have a big black bag I drag everywhere, so if I’m getting a sandwich to go at Subway, I always say “no, thanks” to the plastic bag and just drop my wrapped-up sandwich in my own bag (so far, no problems with sandwich ingredients spilling out).

If you go to the website, you can find a few action suggestions from the book, and also an opportunity to add your own action.  So check it out for some good ideas–though my favorite part is the overall message, that small simple actions really can change the world.

Want some other ways to change the world for ten bucks?  You can give children crayons or prevent malaria or promote peace in the Philippines.  For just ten bucks.


2 thoughts on “Easy Actions For Change

  1. Jolkona Foundation also makes it super easy to give. Their website – http://www.jolkona.org – allows users to pick projects to give small donations. The project then reports back to the donor with tangible proof of the impact of the gift. I gave to a project to support female literacy in Afghanistan and I got the photo of the girl I was supporting within days. This idea has a lot of potential and I thought you guys should check out their website!

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