Spread Hope

By Cheryl Mahoney

How often do you mail a letter?  Or a card?  Or anything else that goes into an envelope?  How many pieces of mail circulate across this country every day?  What if all those pieces of mail, all those envelopes, were also spreading HOPE?


That was Russ Haan’s idea, and that’s what led him to create “Hope is in the Cards.”  Faced with hard economic times, Russ was still able to feel gratitude for the blessings he had–and he decided to try to spread that feeling of hope to the people around him.  So here’s the idea: if everyone in America (that’s 300 million people) sent one card of gratitude or encouragement or support to someone else, what would the cumulative effect be?  If bad news reports can bring the collective mood of the country down, why couldn’t cards of hope bring it up again?  And if we’re feeling HOPE, what might we achieve?

As an incurable optimist always on the lookout for easy ways to give, who firmly believes that small actions can change the world, I LOVE this idea!

Want to change the world today?  Send out a card to someone, or a letter.  Or just write “hope” on the back of any envelopes you mail.  That’s it.  It’s that easy.

And if you’d like to buy cards made by orphan children, you can find out how here, and spread even more hope.

I also have to thank Russ for a Twitter post that sent me to this inspiring video.  (Be warned, it takes a few seconds to start.)  Just text and music, the video is profoundly simple–but simply profound, offering thoughts on how to live a joyous life.  My favorite is “When you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”

I feel more hopeful already.


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