From L.A. to N.Y. – On Foot

By Cheryl Mahoney

Just recently I shared the story of 11-year-old Zach and his walk from Tampa, FL to Washington D.C., to raise awareness of homeless children (I just checked zachtracker and he’s in Kentucky right now).  Today I also found another story about someone walking for charity.


Richard Singer is planning to break the world record for walking across America–from City Hall in Los Angeles, CA, to City Hall in New York City.  According to Mapquest, that’s 2,787 miles.  Richard intends to walk it in 46 days, or 60.5 miles per day.  The mind boggles–or at least, mine does.

And the point of it all?  Richard is hoping for people to sponsor his walk and raise money for six charities he’s chosen to support.  The goal is to raise a million dollars–a mere one dollar from one million people, out of 304 million Americans, as Singer puts it.

I looked at his site, and also found a press release with additional information.  He’s been planning this since last July, and the walk is coming up this August.  It seems clear that Richard’s goal is not only a monetary one, but also to inspire others to believe that anything is possible.  Or as Richard put it: “We personally define what is realistic in our lives.”  And clearly he has defined “walking across America” as realistic for him.  I don’t feel compelled to walk across country myself, but it is an inspiring thought that challenges the idea of anything really being impossible.  If anything is possible, what might we do?

Richard and I share a common belief on another point he makes as well: “One person with a vision and the help of other human beings can make a difference in this world.”

Whether our vision is to walk across country, or to walk across the street to help a neighbor, we can all make a difference.  Sometimes we can’t do it alone, but together, anything is possible.


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