Kids Making a Difference

KidsAreHeroesBy Cheryl Mahoney

I love inspirational stories about people doing great things to serve others, and I really love stories about kids doing great things.  Is that just me?  I’m guessing not, which is why I wanted to share this wonderful website I found with all of you. is a website dedicated to highlighting amazing kids doing incredible things.  The premise is simple–honor kids who are making a difference, inspire others to do the same, and then offer resources to do it.  There’s pages for kids, parents and schools.

The “Lily’s Heroes” page is where you can read about kids who are getting involved to help others.  Lily is a beautiful big dog, and the mascot for the site.  I found my favorite stories down at the bottom of page one.

I love to read, and I love to reread books I enjoyed as a kid, so there’s lots of space in my heart for My Own Book, founded by Kyle and Brady Baldwin.  With My Own Book, teenage volunteers go into K-3rd grade classrooms, read to the children and tell them about the library, then let each of the kids pick out a book to keep.  They target schools with disadvantaged students; for many of the kids, this is the first book they’ve ever owned.  More than 17,000 books have been given out!  Get involved at My Own Book’s website, or click here for another way to give books to children.

My other favorite story is about Kennedy Kulish, who founded Kisses for Kaeden.  Kaeden is Kennedy’s little brother, who was born with heart defects that required surgery before he was a year old.  Kennedy (age six at the time!) wanted to help “other ‘Kaeden’s’ and their families.”  That’s what struck me most about this story–concern for an individual expanding into a widespread concern for others, because everyone is ultimately an individual.  Everyone matters to someone, just as Kennedy’s little brother matters to her.  How beautiful.  Kisses for Kaeden was founded five years ago.  As far as I can tell, Kaeden is doing great, and the organization has raised close to 60,000 dollars!  Check out Kennedy’s website (still under construction), and here’s another option to help children in need of life-saving surgery, heart surgery included.

It’s easy to look at all the problems of the world and say, what can we do?  But stories like this make me answer that question with–we can do ANYTHING.  It’s a cliche to say kids like this make me hopeful about the future…but they do.


5 thoughts on “Kids Making a Difference

  1. Thanks for helping us spread the word, Cheryl. I am humbled and awestruck by what these kids are capable of. If they are any indication, our future looks incredibly bright!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing the story of My Own Book. Readers can visit our website at
    We currently have a “Call to Action” to all interested to help us read and distribute books to less fortunate children- we’ll even supply the books/bookplates to volunteers across the country. Folks can reach us at
    So far we’ve distributed more than 22,000 books and we’d like to give out 5,000 more THIS SUMMER! Reach out and share the joy of reading!

  3. As John W. Whitehead, author of The Stealing of America states, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” The hope for humanity depends on the attitudes and actions of not only this generation, but on that of the next generation of do-gooders as well.

    Thanks for listing these wonderful websites that show just how much of a difference a child can make!

  4. I am proud to say that kennedys websight is up and running at, thankyou so much for sharing your thoughts about my lil go getter of a wonderful daughter kennedy jet.Her team to date has raised $83,000 for other children with special hearts and needs and YES!!!her precious lil spunky baby brother kaeden is doing awesome and is a incoming 1st gerader in the fall 🙂

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