Connecting for Peace

By Cheryl Mahoney

My last post connected the ideas of freedom and peace.  As Eisenhower said, “peace is the climate of freedom,” and while Churchill didn’t include peace in his list of single words with meaning, I expect it qualifies too.  Today I want to share a resource for peace: Peace x Peace, creating global connections to further global peace.

Peace Bird

Whatever happens between world leaders, between politicians and ambassadors and presidents, is of course important for creating and preserving peace, but what happens on the ground, those one-on-one connections between individuals across cultures, matters so much too.  That’s what Peace x Peace is about, connecting women for peace.  You can connect with individuals, join a Peace Circle, or check for this week’s suggested Peace Action.

I love the Peace Actions, because they’re so small, so simple, and so profound.  This week’s action is “Share in a family member’s routine task and talk about it. Level: Family—Peace Principle: Cooperation.”  So easy, but meaningful.  Past actions include reducing water use, asking a child what peace means to them, or following the news differently than you usually do.  Check them out, and see what appeals to you.  In itself, one action may have only a small effect, but let’s never underestimate the power of all our small actions coming together to create a BIG effect.

Peace x Peace also provides the opportunity for women to share their stories.  Our founder and CEO, Pamela Hawley, contributed her story, which is featured on the homepage today under Voices From the Frontlines.  You can read her story here, and I’ll share just a bit of it:

“There are so many ways to give.  It might be volunteering to help ensure a safe water supply in Tanzania, helping preserve part of the Amazon River, smiling at a homeless person, or patiently helping an elderly person across the street. Whatever it is, it’s evidence of Love caring for all.”

And in these many ways, we can create Peace.


One thought on “Connecting for Peace

  1. Hi Cheryl!

    Thanks for this lovely post. I certainly couldn’t agree more. Regarding This Week’s Peace Action, we’re always looking for guest bloggers, so if a particular week’s action looks interesting to you and you have more to share, please don’t hesitate to be in touch!

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