Direct from the Conference

By Cheryl Mahoney

As you know if you’ve been following our blog–or following the world of nonprofits and philanthropy–the National Conference on Volunteering and Service happened a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco, with some impressive attendance by people like First Lady Michelle Obama, music legend Jon Bon Jovi, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger–and also founder and CEO of UniversalGiving, Pamela Hawley.


So why are we returning to this subject a few weeks later?  Because I wanted to point you to a great resource in connection with the NCVS.  If you weren’t in attendance, you–and I, all the rest of us not there–can still get a taste of what went on.  There are all kinds of videos up on the web now, streaming speeches and interviews from the conference.  Want to see Michelle Obama speak about  Want to choose between a host of other great speeches?  Full Circle Fund has great videos up so that you can.

Full Circle Fund describes themselves as “cultivating the next generation of community leaders.”  They bring together social changers in Circles, to discuss issues and explore solutions.  You can also view the webcast of their June 24th Joint Impact Circle Meeting, “Social Innovation: A White House Perspective,” which they streamed live but can still be seen now.

So you can check out the speeches…you can check out the meeting of great thinkers…but suppose your favorite part of a conference is all those people in the crowd?  You never know who you might bump into at a place like that.  That’s kind of how it is in the “interview” section of the videos.  You might bump into George Weiner talking about DoSomething, a nonprofit using the power of internet (and texting!) to encourage teens who are interested in getting involved to actually go out and BE involved.  And of course we have to recommend finding out more about UniversalGiving by checking out the cool interview with Pamela.  Or see who else interesting might be around.  Just go to that first link up at the top about videos, and you can find them all.

So now’s your chance to experience the National Conference on Volunteering and Service…even if  you weren’t technically there.  🙂


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