Take Action for Social Change

By Cheryl Mahoney

Social ActionJust yesterday I was talking about one great organization UniversalGiving is in partnership with, Clodagh Cares, and today I’m going to write about another.  There are so many different ways to take action for social change: you can volunteer, you can attend an event, you can sign a petition…  We all know that UniversalGiving is the perfect place to go if you want to give or volunteer to quality international projects.  But suppose you decide you also want to find an opportunity to support a campaign or add your voice to a pledge?  You can find all that and more at SocialActions.com.

As Social Actions puts it: “You make a difference.  We make it easy.”  I have to acknowledge that that sounds very much in line with our tagline: “Giving is easy, when you know how.”  Social Actions is another site to help you find out about the how.

Social Actions brings together opportunities from more than fifty different sources, including, we’re proud to state, UniversalGiving.  With their “Advanced Search” feature, you can search by type of action, date added, action source, and, of course, keyword.  So I decided that maybe I’d like to sign a petition relating to children in Africa.  I filled in the relevant values, and found a petition by Care2 about ending child slavery in cocoa farms on the Ivory Coast–I signed.  And that was just one of a number of options that came up.

If you’re all about using technology to spread the word, Social Actions also provides a long list of widgets and plug-ins and add-ons and so on that you can use to tell your friends about ways to take action.  Or if you’re more about connecting in a community and maybe making new friends, you can join the Social Actions community too.  Come friend us!

So how do you want to make a difference?  Social Actions can help you find a way.  They have more than 80,000 options.  One of them must be right for you!


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