From Florida to D.C., Revisited

Red Wagon

By Cheryl Mahoney

Just a brief post today.  I’ve been meaning to update on a story I shared last May, about 11-year-old Zach Bonner who was in the midst of a more than 1200 mile walk to the White House, in an effort to raise awareness of childhood homelessness.

Well, here’s the good news–he made it!  Zach, with hundreds of people walking in support, marched up to the White House on July 9th.

I would’ve loved to be there, if only California wasn’t a bit far from Washington, D.C.  Though apparently not too far for some people: Zach’s next plan is to walk from Tampa, FL to Los Angeles, CA.  Mapquest tells me that that’s 2,532 miles.  Lots of luck to him, and I’ll keep an eye out for news to keep you posted!

In the meantime, you can visit The Little Red Wagon Foundation‘s website, the nonprofit Zach founded, or read this article about Zach and other young philanthropists in The Washington Post.


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