Mozilla Service Week

By Sarah Keyston

I would consider myself a pretty tech-savvy person, having grown up in the Internet generation. I find myself helping my mom out a lot with computer-related things… she swears sometimes that technology is out to get her! There are some things, however, like designing a website or dealing with a faulty wireless network, that even I cannot figure out. It’s often difficult to solve technical problems—first I face the question of what type of service company to call, then spend frustrated hours on the phone with unhelpful automated systems rather than real people—and a lot of the time, I give up before the problem is resolved!

Mozilla Service WeekIf this sounds at all like you (yes, I’m aware most of you are probably blog-savvy, but there must be something you can’t do!), check out Mozilla Service Week, which unites those in need of technical help with those able to provide their services. Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox browser, has based the initiative on its belief in the necessity of an easy and enjoyable Internet experience for everyone.

Individuals can register to both give and receive help in areas such as programming, developing, design, and writing websites. Sample projects include teaching senior citizens how to use the Web, installing wireless networks at schools, updating an organization’s website, and showing a nonprofit how to engage in social media. The service commitments will take place during the week of September 14-21. Over 5,200 volunteer hours have been donated already, and the number of registered projects grows every day!

UniversalGiving has partnered with Mozilla to promote and engage in Service Week 2009. Many of our friends are also involved: OneWebDay, Social Actions, and TechSoup—and we’ve posted about them here before! It’s very exciting to see all the work that these organizations are doing to encourage Web-based service. After all, UniversalGiving is a Web-based nonprofit. And we reach so many people via our online giving and volunteering opportunities!

Like Mozilla and other Friends of Service Week 2009, we have seen the potential for the Web to effect change. The Internet is a powerful tool—and vital to UniversalGiving’s mission and operations, as we are a web-based nonprofit. So… are you web savvy? Help someone! Or do you need help? Ask!


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