Travel the World for Peace

By Cheryl Mahoney

Have you ever thought about traveling around the world?  Maybe, like me, you have a list of countries you’d like to visit.  But have you ever imagined traveling to dozens of countries on one trip, traveling with a group of dedicated activists, and doing it all to support a vital cause?  If you have, then maybe you’ve imagined the World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

Here’s the brief statistics: 90 days, 90 countries, 6 continents (Antarctica included), 99,419 miles.  The plan is to travel by land, air and sea, by bicycle, train, plane, canoe, and more.  There’s a base group of fifty people taking the entire trip, with a million total participants getting involved.  It all starts October 2nd.

World Trek

So now that I’ve told you there’s an insane trek going on, what’s behind it all?  As the name of the march suggests, it’s all about raising awareness in the interest of peace.  It’s launching on October 2nd because that’s Mahatma Gandhi’s 140th birthday.  I’m sure the man who led a march to the sea in support of Indian freedom would approve of this idea.  The marchers hope that by crossing continents and climates they’ll be able to unify a global peace movement.  They hope for the disarmament of nuclear weapons and for the signing of non-aggression treaties.  They hope to bring awareness to the many forms of violence in the world, and to bring a voice to the victims.  They hope to promote world peace.  It’s a beautiful and amazingly ambitious goal–but it’s a very ambitious trek too.

The march is put together by World without Wars, but they want it to be shaped by everyone, across race, country and religion.  There are many secondary websites for the march, arranged by country; find your country,  and look for events in your area to learn how to get involved.

You know I love stories about many people doing small things for big change.  Well, I wouldn’t call a global trek a small thing–but it’s going to take many, many people doing small things along the way to make this not just a crazy trip, but a movement for peace.  And I love that!


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