Social Media for Social Change

By Cheryl Mahoney

Have you ever thought, “I really wish there was a webcast that would let me find out about innovative leaders in social change and entrepreneurship, and that maybe I could even attend in person if I happened to be in San Francisco”?  If so, you’re in luck!

UniversalGiving is so pleased to be partnering with BusinessBoomer, a San Francisco-based social enterprise that’s creating conversations on and off the web.  They just launched a new, biweekly web talkshow, bringing together social media and social change.  Interviewing leaders in social entrepreneurship in front of a live audience and streaming it all on the web, these are exciting, thought-provoking evenings you won’t want to miss–whether you get a chance to be in the studio audience or if you watch it on the web from home.

Alex Holderness and Pamela Hawley
Alex Holderness and Pamela Hawley

Our founder and CEO, Pamela Hawley, attended their kick-off event September 16, along with another UG team member, Natasha Indi.  Everyone agrees that it was an amazing evening.  Guests included Alex Holderness, COO of VolunteerMatch, and Mary Colvig, Community Manager of the Mozilla Foundation (another UniversalGiving partner!)  They just had their second web talkshow yesterday, focusing on Social Innovation in Journalism, and their next event will be October 15th, looking at The Business of Sustainability.  Find out about the upcoming shows here.

If you’d like to attend, contact  It’s just $15 at the door, and we’re grateful to be able to announce that throughout this season, BusinessBoomer will be donating 20% of the proceeds to UniversalGiving!

So you get to hear leaders in the world of social entrepreneurship, you get to meet with an amazing group of people, and your admission price helps support world change.  What better way to spend an evening?


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