Dating for Charity


By Cheryl Mahoney

Love and charity.  I can’t actually think off the top of my head of a famous quote or a Bible phrase where those two are combined (if you know of one, let me know!) but they do seem to be concepts that go hand-in-hand.  And I recently happened across a story about a fun new way to combine the two.

I found this article  about WeClick.  It’s a speed-dating service, with a philanthropic twist.  It works basically like the usual run of speed-dating–set in a cafe somewhere, singles move among tables to have five minute chats with potential soulmates.  But here’s the key: at least ten percent of the registration fee goes to charity.  There’s a different charity each time, advertised before-hand.  At their first event, the entire proceeds went to Heifers International, with the tag line “get social, give goats.”  Two concepts that you’re less likely to see together…

One thing I love about this is that it’s a perfect example of taking something people already do, and turning it towards a socially conscious purpose.  No one has to change their lifestyle or give anything up or make a space in their budget to give to charity–it’s happening as part of something they’re already doing.  And that can be so powerful.  I also love what an innovative idea this is–and it’s just sheer fun too!

Now, I admit, if you don’t happen to be a single in Maine, this is probably not something you’re actually going to do–though if it becomes a widespread idea, remember that you heard about it here first.  So this is a little less relevant than some of the stories we’ve posted here, but just for the enjoyability factor I thought it would be worth sharing anyway.  And if you do happen to be a single in Maine, then maybe you should try it out.  Love and charity might not be the only ones that end up hand-in-hand.  😉


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