by Anis Salvesen

After you’ve volunteered at a local soup kitchen this Christmas and before you make your resolutions for the new year, you have another great opportunity to add meaning to your holidays.  It’s called Twixtmas, which is a campaign to change the world for the better that takes place from December 27th to the 31st

Each of the five days of Twixtmas, there is a different theme.  Day One’s theme is to do something for yourself.  For example, you can do some exercise or read a book.  On Day Two, the theme is doing something for others.  Do a random act of kindness; pay for five cars behind you at the toll booth or share your extra food with a homeless person.  Or expand the reach of your impact and give to your favorite international charity. 

Day Three of Twixtmas is the day to reach out to a friend.  Remember your high school soccer coach?  Why not give them a Gift Package that provides a soccer ball for an impoverished child?  Your college roommate who became an avid gardener?  Help a Cambodian family earn an income with a Gift Package that provides them with gardening tools.

Day Four of Twixtmas is all about the environment.  You can help a Central American community protect their ecosystem.  Or you can protect an acre of rainforest and watersheds in Latin America or Southeast Asia.   

Day Five is about looking ahead to 2010.  What if this year was the year you finally traveled to Africa and volunteered in an orphanage in Uganda?    Or 2010 could be the year you take the family on a voluntourism trip to Costa Rica and volunteer with a turtle rescue project there.

For more ideas about Twixtmas, visit their website,   Any great ideas about what you’re planning to do for Twixtmas?  Write to us and share.


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