Cakes for Charity

By Cheryl Mahoney

Everybody loves cake, right?  Well, maybe some of us are Pie People, but even someone who prefers apple pie probably enjoys some luscious chocolate fudge cake too.  And we all like free ways to give to a good cause, of course…so how about combining the two?  That’s what you can do through Kelly Ripa’s Cake-Off.

Kelly Ripa (you know, of Regis and Kelly) is partnering with TLC’s Cake Boss to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  They baked and decorated five gorgeous cakes (seriously, they’re artwork).  Here’s where you and I come in–head over to the website, register (it’s free!), and vote for your favorite of the five cakes.  Personally, I voted for Snow Day, which is in a way surprising since I don’t normally find blue food appealing.  For every vote, Electrolux donates a dollar to the OCRF.  So all you have to do is vote!  And just as a bonus, you’re entered in a chance to win a new stove when you vote too.

And you know what else is fun?  You can decorate a virtual cake to send to a friend, and that donates a dollar to OCRF too!  I love fun things that also benefit charity.  It’s just a win-win for everyone.  Well, unless you’ve been trying to resist eating too much cake, and this sort of thing just tests your resolve and tempts you too much…but take the chance.  After all, it’s for charity.


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