How to Change the World

By Cheryl Mahoney

Do you want to tell Congress to ban goods made by modern-day slaves?  You can.

Would you like to tell the Olympic Committee to serve sustainable food?  You can.

Do you want to make a statement for human rights in Darfur?  You can.

Do you want to keep up with the latest news on social entrepreneurship, the environment, and homelessness?  You can do that too.

How?  By going to is an incredible site, with information and action opportunities for a wide range of issues.  It’s kind of like a lot of different social issue sites all wrapped up in one. 

Looking for blogs about social issues?  They’ve got at least a dozen–probably more. 

Looking for a social networking site to connect with other people who care about the same cause as you?  You can do that here too. 

Looking for ways to take action, maybe through a petition?  I haven’t a found a count anywhere, but I would be bet that there are hundreds of petitions available, on many different issues (and if you don’t see one for the issue you want, you can start your own).  Almost 100,000 actions have been taken this week.  Not month, not year–WEEK.

Looking for a way to support your favorite nonprofit, and keep up to date on their latest news?  Lots of nonprofits have profiles on the site, including UniversalGiving.

So check out for frequently updated content about the causes you care about, petitions to sign and people to connect to.  Do you want to create change?  You can.


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