An Army of Change – Tune In to the Action

by Anis Salvesen

What do you get when you take social entrepreneurs, young community leaders and activists and put them all under one roof?  You get the Do Something Social Action Boot Camp.

Have you heard of Do Something?  It’s an organization that helps young people do something good through grants, social action training and sponsored clubs.  Young people wanting to give back can really easily find a way to take action on the Do Something Good website.

Of course a boot camp is another great way that Do Something Good mobilizes young people and equips them to make meaningful social change.    Just take a look at some of the sessions and workshops offered:

  • Branding and Marketing: How to find your voice and tell your story
  • Starting your Own Not-for-Profit
  • Recruiting and Managing Volunteers
  • Corporate Sponsors: How to pitch your program and manage donor relationships

AND attendance is free!  All you have to do is get yourself there and find a friend’s couch to crash on.

Where is “there”?  This Saturday, March 13th, “there” is New Orleans.  Live too far from New Orleans to attend?  Do Something Good actually has six boot camps in 2010 in the following cities:

  • February 6th-Miami
  • March 13th- New Orleans
  • June 19th-San Francisco
  • July 24th- Los Angeles
  • October 16th-Chicago
  • November 13th – New York City

Have a root canal scheduled the day the boot camp comes to your city?  Don’t worry; you can catch all the action on the LIVE WEBCAST on   It starts at 9 a.m.   Here is the streaming schedule:

9:00-9:30: Keynote from Do Something Award Winner Divine Bradley
9:40-10:35: Corporate Sponsors: How to pitch your project and manage donor relationships
10:45-11:40: Making a Living Giving
12:50-1:20: Do Something Youth Panel
1:30-2:25: Forming and Optimizing Partnerships
2:35-3:30: Building a Website
3:40-4:30: Interviews with young social leader


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