Placing Women on the Map

By Cheryl Mahoney

Who would you put on the map?  Not where–who.  I’m talking about the International Museum of Women’s “Women on the Map.”  In honor of International Women’s Day, they’ve launched this amazing, interactive way to honor the women in your life.

You can head to their website, and put a virtual pin on the map to mark a special woman.  Write her name and a brief message, and other visitors to the site can learn about her too.  And, IMOW will email her to tell her that you put her on the map.  The result is an incredible map showing that there are women all across the world who are inspiring others and creating change.

And I do mean ALL across the world–there are pins on six continents (make it seven, if you know a woman in Antarctica), from San Francisco to the Azores Islands to Russia to Kenya to New Zealand.  And as someone who looked at the map a few days ago, and then again today, I can personally confirm that the number of inspiring women is growing fast.  Better claim a spot for your inspirational woman today before they run out of room!

Just kidding.  There’s plenty of room for inspiring women in the world.  I think that’s one thing we can’t have too much of.  🙂

So take a look at the map for amazing stories from around the world.  You could look through the San Francisco pins to find the one for our CEO, Pamela.  And after you’ve read a few stories…why not share your own?


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