Nominate A Social Entrepreneur

By Cheryl Mahoney

Do you know a company that’s passionate about changing the world–and turning a profit?  One of the most exciting trends I’ve been watching lately is the rise of social entrepreneurship.  Ideally, it’s combining the best of the for-profit world with the best of the non-profit world.

By combining for-profit business principles with non-profit-style goals, the result is an organization that is self-sustaining, while being focused on addressing social issues.  I’ll give you an example (and this might not be surprising): UniversalGiving.  We’re a non-profit, but we generate revenue through UniversalGiving Corporate, by customizing our services for companies to assist with their corporate social responsibility programs.  We aren’t trying to turn a profit, but we do set a goal of being sustainable.

Do you know another social entrepreneurship organization that’s doing great work, and turning a profit?  Well, now’s your chance to honor them.  You can nominate for-profit social entrepreneurships to be BusinessWeek’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur.

They’re taking suggestions through the end of this week.  Once nominations close, they’ll select 25 finalists, and invite people to vote on their favorites.  Then they’ll present the top five.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring exposure to an organization doing good.  And don’t forget to come back and vote for the finalists this May!


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