How to Manage Volunteers

By Cheryl Mahoney

Volunteers can be an amazing resource for nonprofits, sharing skills and doing work for a worthy cause at no cost to the organization.  But it can also be hard for nonprofit organizations to find these amazing volunteers, and to keep them once they find them.

I wanted to share with you a new resource on the subject of managing volunteers: 365 Ideas for Recruiting, Retaining, Motivating and Rewarding Your Volunteers by Sunny Fader.  This book gives tips and ideas for how to have a positive relationship with those volunteers who can give so much to an organization.  Sunny interviewed nonprofit leaders to share their stories–including UniversalGiving’s founder and CEO, Pamela Hawley!

So if you’re thinking volunteers could be a help to you, Sunny’s book can help you too. 🙂


One thought on “How to Manage Volunteers

  1. Great idea thank you for the resource! I am having my first volunteer training for my new nonprofit ( in a few weeks so I’m sure this will really help!

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