High Impact Philanthropy

By Sarah Keyston

Are you looking to support important causes, but aren’t sure how you can have the biggest impact? The Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania is a great resource. Its purpose is to help potential donors (like you!) have the maximum social impact possible. The Center’s site has great advice for donors seeking to help with both domestic and international issues. All sorts of philanthropists—people donating for the first time to advisors that help their clients give strategically—can refine their giving strategies.

Though we know giving through UniversalGiving.org is a great way to maximize your social impact, third-party advisory sites are an important aid for donors. With the resources of UPenn, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy is able to provide an impressive array of information about global health, international economic development, and international education.

For example, for those of you wondering how you can help with the Haiti crisis, there are several articles with great advice and important warnings. If you’re wondering why Haiti still needs your help, (and perhaps even more so now that the country is out of the international spotlight), there is information about that too!

It’s hard to not be inspired to donate or volunteer when you see news about another earthquake that has occurred. Eagerness to help is great! But it is important to be smart with your philanthropy. Ensure you are working with a trustworthy organization with a high level of transparency. Do some research via reputable donor advisory sites like http://www.impact.upenn.edu –and then give, give, give! (or volunteer 🙂 )


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