The DoGooder, Do Good While Surfing the Web!

By Susie Saxten

At UniversalGiving™, we are excited about DoGood Headquarters! The DoGooder is a neat browsing plug-in that turns your everyday web browsing into donations for green intitiatives and movements for positive social change. It is totally free and just takes a minute to install.

How it works:

Basically, once you download the plug-in, generic advertisements on your favorite sites (anything from CNN to Epicurious) are replaced by green, charitable and health and wellness advertising. You also get regular tips on living green and information about important social causes. The best part, is that DoGood Headquarters donates 50% of the profits earned from the advertisements back to green initiatives and charities!

I think one of the most interesting things about DoGood Headquarters, is that it allows users to control what kind of advertisements appear on their screens. In this way, users might actually be interested or inspired by advertising rather than annoyed by ads for car insurance or the latest smart phone.  At the same time, socially-conscious advertisers have the ability to directly connect with an audience that has already expressed interest in green initiatives and charitable causes. Sounds like a win-win partnership to me!

So check out to find out how you can donate to great causes by simply surfing the web! 


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