Does death really do us apart?

By Ranjani Shanker

Recently, I read the wise words of Willie Nelson that really affected my thoughts on death and after.

“Death is not the ending of anything.  I believe all of us are only energy that becomes matter.  When the matter goes away, the energy still exists. You can’t destroy it. It never dies. It manifests itself somewhere else.

… We are never alone.  Even by ourselves, we are not alone.  Death is just a door opening to somewhere else. Someday we’ll know what that door opens to.”

When Willie Nelson lost his son to suicide on Christmas Day of 1991, who was undergoing rehab for substance abuse, he was devastated and it definitely was the worst day of his life.  But when you grieve the loss of someone very dear to you, you realize that they live beyond the loss of their physical state.  As much as they live in our hearts and memories, we are still unsure about what lies outside the door for them.

To me, a person who was always interested in life before death as opposed to life after death, this thought made me realize the endless potential of the energy that we all carry through our lives.  The energy that we should utilize in a single lifetime as much as possible to be a useful resource to the world.  These thoughts just deepen my passion towards community service and how the energy we bring to grassroots movements are all that are needed to spur on action in today’s world!

Life beyond death has always been a debatable concept and nobody really guarantees established facts on this.  All I can say is, let us all re-spark the energy within us and make life before death more meaningful with each passing day!

My suggestion – When I read about Willie Nelson’s son who lost his battle against drub abuse, the cause really intrigued me.  If it intrigues you, click here to help people working on it globally.  Giving is one of the easiest ways to positively utilize our energy!

And as Willie says, “I believe that, I really do!”


2 thoughts on “Does death really do us apart?

  1. Very interesting article in deed Ranjani! We all know, through basic physic lessons in high school, that energy was never created or destroyed, but rather exists or transfers from one form to another. I believe that when a person passes away, his/her energy that was previously with them will not disappear with the physical state, but none of us knows where and how it represents themselves in after-death state, since no one ever comes back to life after death to tell us that.

    I also like your implication of energy and death on grassroots community service projects. The birth of a community project idea comes from previous experience of one’s exposure in such situation, or, should I say, a different type of energy. Then one realizes the importance of the issues and is determined to transform that energy into tangible and concrete existence and impact, which then allows it to be passed onto the people in the community.

    Great post Ranjani! Keep more articles like this coming!

    • Thank you for your kind words Lucas! I love the connect you make with elementary physics and about how energy is something so simple and yet so fascinating! And yes, that energy transformation into something useful and tangible towards grassroots movements is all we need to make that difference! Thank you for your thoughts and the read.

      Keep coming back!
      – Ranjani

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