Willie Nelson

By: Lillian Wang

I felt like an incredible disaster this morning: I got off on the wrong stop at BART, I woke up late, I did not have cash on me to pay for my BART ticket, I forgot my cellphone at home, and I arrived to work late. In my head, this morning suddenly made my day come crashing down around me- it sucked. But arriving at work, I began reading an article Pamela (our wonderful CEO) had assigned me. It was about Willie Nelson and his organization, the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute.

As UG Team Member, Ranjani, had eloquently stated in a previous post: “the wise words of Willie Nelson … really affected my thoughts on death and after.” I could not agree more. In the article by Dotson Rader for Parade magazine, Willie’s pain, heartache, and music were cited as his inspiration to create the Willie Nelson Peace Research. Mr. Nelson has suffered through three failed marriages, a son who committed suicide, troubles with the IRS, and drug busts.

And through his hardships, he created this wonderful organization. Visit his website and see how his vision of compassion, kindness, and love triumph suffering. Peace comes from hope.

I wonder if one day I can somehow even become remotely close to how inspiring Willie Nelson is. He’s still motivated to help others. After my bad morning? I think I will restart my day with a positive outlook. After all, if Willie Nelson overcame all that, I can at least recover from a bad morning.


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