Bringing the light back: Lemnis Lighting

by Lillian Wang

Everyone wants to be part of the new “green business.” I’ll bet that there are hundreds of startups daily, just trying to get a chunk out of the new booming industry. But how many actually make a difference? (and look super fashionable?)

Forgive me for being aware of looks, but Warner Philips (the grandson of Anton Philips, founder of Royal Philips Electronics) has developed the futuristic (and not swirly) looking LED light bulbs. His company, Lemnis Lighting, has launched their first line called Pharox. Apparently these bulbs run on magic- they only need to be replaced after 30 years or 50,000 hours. This bulb is 90% more efficient, lasts 6 times longer than the current compact fluorescent bulb, and 25 times longer than the old incandescent bulb. Philips’ goal to lower carbon emissions sure seem to be met with this magic bulb.

Most of us want to save the environment but are unable to.  True, it IS hard to drive less, use less electricity and water, buy petroleum products, etc. Yet, Lemnis Lighting and the brain of Anton Philips allow us to simply just switch out our bulbs for their spiffy and efficient bulbs to make an impact. The bulbs only suck 4Watts of electricity to produce the light of a 40Watt bulb. For us lazy and wanting to contribute, this is the best way to do something!

Kudos to Mr. Philips for developing such a wonderful product for the world. It’s easy, not too pricey, and environmentally friendly. What more to ask for?

In the future, I’ll be looking out for Lemnis Lighting- they’re paving a way towards true greener living.


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