Not even once…

– Ranjani Shanker

As a college kid, life was made up with tough decisions and choices – just like every college kid on earth would have it.  Drugs and related illegal substances may seem like the way to stay “with it” but is far from that.  Thankfully due to the values my parents gave me and my own will to stay clean, I managed to stay clear but recently when I spoke to my cousin, I heard something that shocked my usually happy self – A kid from 7th grade was caught selling meth in her daughter’s school.

Everybody knows what Methamphetamine or Meth is and this is not going to be a post on the ill effects and consequences of its usage.  The disastrous afterlife has been established.  But what are we doing to save our children and further their lives?  Whether you and I are doing something about it, I did happen to find an organization striving to achieve this objective. The Montana Meth Project is doing everything it can to educate and eradicate the use of Meth in its community.  This project was founded by visionary Thomas Siebel who has revolutionized the approach towards attacking this problem.  Meth is no longer a supposedly illegal drug.  It has become a consumer product – freely available with attractive features and distributed through a well-networked channel.  How are we going to educate our children towards making informed decisions when presented with the opportunity to try this highly marketed product? I find it extremely inspiring to see that they conduct research-based messaging programs to educate and inculcate a clarified decision making process in adolescents today.  March against Meth is a great way to get the teens involved and lead this battle against Meth.  Montana is setting a great example to the rest of the world.  Their website has great resources to identify meth addiction, catch it at the nib and do everything you can to rid oneself of this drug that ceases life.

We at UniversalGiving are always excited to applaud such fabulous organizations who are reaching out to change the world, one issue at a time.  As for Meth, all I have to say is –

Not even once is worth it.


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