by Breanna Baraff

What can you do with old athletic shoes that are just too worn down to ever tread another step? Send them off to become a playground! Nike started ReUse-A-Shoe in 1993 and has now collected 25,056,779 pairs of shoes. These shoes are combined with pre-consumer materials and turned into a product called Nike Grind. This material is then used for athletic surfaces such as running tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts and playgrounds. Not only does this program keep shoes out of landfills, Nike Grind reduces the need for virgin rubber, comprising 10 to 40% of these innovative sports surfaces. This operation is one way Nike is hoping to fulfill its vision of a closed loop system where waste is no longer destined for a junkyard, but becomes a usable base for a new product.

Nike partners with industry-leading sports surfacing companies who incorporate Nike Grind into their products. This program helps Nike improve its social responsibility as well as that of their partner companies. The benefits of this program do not stop at creating corporate social responsibility, or reducing waste and raw material consumption. Nike and its partners also work to donate surfaces to underserved areas, helping to build communities and create positive social change.  Currently, the ReUse-A-Shoe program has donated Nike Grind material to over 300 sport and playground surfacing projects around the world.

So, bring your old shoes to a Nike ReUse-A-Shoe drop off location where your worn out shoes will play on.

To learn more about ReUse-A-Shoe and donation locations visit and to learn more about UniversalGiving and the services we provide to improve Corporate Social Responsibility visit


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