Even Lawyers and Comedians can Give

By Osprey Brown

Somehow, there doesn’t seem to be anything immediately funny about being a barrister.  The very thought of being in court—with the exception of the stupid wigs and robes that I imagine, in my mind, English judges would wear—does not ring of hilarity.  However, after a successful career doing just that, Clive Anderson began what turned out to be a strong career in comedy.  Through this odd combination of skills, Clive Anderson has managed to make a significant impact as a spokesperson and philanthropist.

Anderson has a unique talent as a TV presenter: he is well versed in making the person he interviews the center piece of the show.  Whereas, for instance, sports stars or actors bring notoriety to a particular cause through their own acclaim, Anderson’s true talent is letting his cause shine.  As a TV personality and comedian, he is also proficient at using his notoriety and star connections, serving as the spokesperson for numerous organizations.

He is a winner of multiple awards for his comedy in the UK.  Yet, he has made serious contributions and given great international visibility to the causes he supports.  His resume—the one that involves comedy—includes the original British version of “Whose Line is it Anyway,” and his own talk show.  In addition to his comedic endeavors, he has become a spokesperson for many causes and charity events.  Though he knows that merely functioning as a spokesperson is sufficient to help an organization by bringing attention to the cause; however, Anderson is not content to be merely an ignorant figurehead.  It is event that he is willing not only to bring star power, but also get his hands dirty in the nit and grit of an organization. This being the case he is the active president of the Woodland Trust which seeks to prevent de-forestation.  He also works with the Rhino International and The Afghan Connection

It could be argued that so long as we are in the position to do so, we have the obligation to support people and causes which require our help.  What is impressive is the wide variety of talents that we can use to do this.  Any high quality talent or ability can be molded to support important causes and help those in need.  It is not necessarily required that you are dedicated to serving the poor like Mother Theresa, or have the wealth and resources of the Gates.  Helping people can fit naturally into your everyday job and life. Clive Anderson can give a unique perspective on what it is to be dedicated to improving the world we live in.  Surely, there are more powerful and visible names in entertainment and other arenas.  However, his dedication and unique talents when applied do not leave him a second rate philanthropist by any means.


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