The Story of Aisha…

By: Lillian Wang

On my usual Tuesday, I’ll go down to the mailbox and grab the mail, happily receiving my weekly Times Magazine. Times has been educating me since junior high, and continues to do so. But this week was different. While the famous red border was present in all its glory, what really caught my eye was the hauntingly deep picture of 18-year old Aisha.

Times Magazine brilliantly put Aisha and her story as the cover and headlining story, which was written by Aryn Baker. Before even opening the crisp Times Magazine, I just stared at the cover. Stared and gasped and became more horrified by the second. Aisha was missing her nose- no, it wasn’t a birth defect, but purposefully sliced off. Aisha’s features are beautiful… minus the gaping hole in the middle of her face. What happened? (I would have posted a picture of Aisha, but it is so heart-wrenching… I couldn’t. Please take a look at it yourself. )

Well, apparently Aisha ran away from her abusive in-laws…. and a local Taliban commander sentenced her ears and nose to be cut off by her own husband. She was left for dead. What about her family? They were too ASHAMED and afraid of being RIDICULED. What?! Insanely, this happened LAST YEAR. And continues to happen to Afghan women. Forget the insurgency war, there is another war producing more humanity crimes. Aisha was brave and bold enough to share her story, but there are possibly plenty other women suffering from such crimes too.

Please please please help with all your kindness and generosity to stop these humanity crimes from continuing. Last year it happened to Aisha; who will be next?

Please check out these organizations working to provide gender equality and human rights. Here is the article (abridged) with the picture of Aisha on the Times website.


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