Capturing a Single Day

By Cheryl Mahoney

Did you ever wish you could preserve a single day?  Wrap it up neatly and take it out to look at whenever you wanted to?  In a way, that’s what One Day on Earth is trying to do–and the day they’re preserving is October 10th, 2010: 10/10/10.

One Day on Earth intends to create a visual snapshot of life on our planet during a single day.  They have invited people all over the world to contribute videos, capturing thousands of perspectives.  The footage will all go into an online archive, which will be available to participants.  Footage will also be used to create a documentary film.

I think the most exciting aspect of the project is its international focus.  It isn’t One Day in the United States, or One Day in Europe–it’s One Day on Earth.  People from over 190 countries have committed to contributing footage.  How many total countries there are in the world varies a little bit on who you ask (not everyone agrees when it comes to Taiwan, and I suspect differing opinions exist about Palestine too…but that’s a different blog post).  However, a good figure is 195.  I think we can agree that 190 out of 195 countries is a pretty amazing percentage!

One Day on Earth has partnered with the United Nations Development Project (the UN has 192 countries) to reach developing nations.  This is especially imperative, because a main goal of the project is to highlight key issues facing our world…and you can’t do that without going to where the issues are, like in Afghanistan, Haiti and Rwanda.  One Day on Earth is partnering with NGOs, asking them to film their work in order to share their stories too.  It’s a perfect way to highlight the social issues the world faces every day.  So if you’re involved with an NGO or nonprofit, you can sign up to share your cause.

Even if you aren’t with an NGO, are you interested in sharing your story?  You can!  All you need is a camera–and even a cell phone camera will do.  Then head over to to get signed up to help capture a single day.


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