Japan’s Culture Day

Today’s post was contributed by Laurina, a former member from UniversalGiving currently working abroad in Japan.

Culture Day Minna-san, konnichiwa! (Everyone, good afternoon!) I hope everyone is doing well ! It is getting pretty cold in Japan now. In fact, Mt. Fuji now has a snowcap around it! Looks like winter is beginning to encroach upon us now.

It was Culture Day in Japan last Wednesday, and I’ve been decorating my classroom to honor that day. The 3rd of November is known as Culture Day (文化の日) and it a day for the Japanese to reflect upon and appreciate their culture, arts, and academic accomplishments.

To honor the day, I’ve had my students bring Japanese cultural items to school and talk about them in class as part of a cultural-sharing activity. My students brought interesting objects such as shogi (Japanese Chess piece), Sensu (paper fans), Onigiri (Japanese riceball), Japanese Archery Glove, Calligraphy Ink and Brush, manga, and many more. In return, I shared a part of my Chinese heritage with them, the story of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and its legend.

With that, I hope that everyone, wherever you are, will spend some quality cultural immersion time helping people from around the world. Check out UniversalGiving for more exciting global volunteering opportunities!

This is my English classroom – A marriage of Chinese and Japanese culture. I posted up pictures of Chinese holidays and decorated the board with origami. 🙂


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