Shelter for All

By Laina Gallagher

Los Angeles based EDAR (Everyone Deserves a Roof) is taking on homelessness at all levels. Founded by Peter Samuelson, EDAR produces innovative units to be distributed directly to homeless and to homeless shelters. During the day, these units act similarly to the shopping carts that many homeless people use, except that there are removable pouches and extra security features, better wheels and easier steering, as well as many other upgrades. Making the unit even more special, it can easily expand into “night mode” providing shelter and a bed to owner of the cart. For more details and visuals of this incredible product, check out

The motivation behind this movement is to provide some form of shelter for every man woman and child. As a developed nation, our country has an unforgivable homelessness rate. On a macro level, it is embarrassing how little is done to bring an end to homelessness. EDAR works with those who are outside of the shelter system, either by choice or because of overcrowding and lack of resources. They distribute their mobile units free of charge, but protest against charges that they are institutionalizing homelessness. Regardless of how much of an upgrade these units may be to most of the clientele, there is little doubt that it is still a far cry from the comfort and security of a permanent home. EDAR also provides their product to be used as additional beds in shelters and works with NGOs and governmental agencies working to end homelessness. This is an inspirational organization doing a great service to our society on many levels.


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