Inspiring Change Through Photography

By: Kristine Morales

How can art impact social change?  As the desire for a better world becomes a more imaginable future, artists are realizing that creativity can inspire and educate people around the globe.

Nuru Project is an organization that utilizes photography as a way  to create a difference  in developing nations.  Through photography auctions, the organization creates opportunities for socially involved photographers to become agents of change.  Donated works are auctioned and 100% of the proceeds are distributed to a charity featuring the show’s theme usually related to the devastating poverty in developing countries. .  The concept is an innovative take on philanthropy.  Interrelating modern art and altruism represents a new way for artists to not only express their creativity but also influence its viewers about the hardships of the rest of the world.

For their upcoming photography auction on December 13th in Dubai, Nuru Project will feature several photographs from India, Kenya, and Pakistan in continuation of an 8 series Dignity event benefiting Acumen Fund.

Curiously glancing into each photograph creates a sudden invitation into an unvisited life,  whether it’s pain, despair, or the genuine happiness seen through the graceful stance of a ballerina. Amidst the mishap of the world, it’s inspiring to view the unique culture and genuine story told within a piece of work. They are beautiful photographs that captivate. I feel touched and suddenly realize that it is a view from these photographers’ lenses that affirm how beautiful work resonates in every people.


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