Thom Singer on Philanthropic Business

By Jenny Bankie

Social responsibility has become almost a necessity for competitive corporations today. But it isn’t just corporations and non-profits that have made strides: increasingly, entrepreneurs highlight social responsibility as a key business component.

One such entrepreneur is Thom Singer.  Thom is a business and marketing consultant, author, and famed speaker who writes the blog Some Assembly Required. After his daughter recovered from a serious cranial syndrome, Thom and his wife decided to start an endowment in her name to support the treatment of children’s cranial conditions. He speaks on networking and business development at engagements around the country, and donates 5% of all fees to the Children’s Hospitals in Austin and San Diego. A major message to his audiences is that “you must find ways to give back.” From encouraging entrepreneurs to support social initiatives or donate a percentage of their revenue, to supporting the careers of peers, to sparking others’ passions by displaying their own, Thom illustrates that people can “pay it forward” through their work in a variety of ways. Everyday interactions can make as big an impact as structured projects.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all businesses, with staffs of 1,000+ to 1, had philanthropy as a founding element? Businesses are changing; that day may not be as far away as we think.

To learn more about Thom Singer, visit his website or his blog, Some Assembly Required.


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