Clif Bar & the Triple E approach (Everyone, Everything, Early)

By Victoria Endsley

Clif Bar reminds us that it isn’t just about the end product, but also how the product is created. Recognizing the impact of their carbon footprint, Clif Bar has challenged their production team to become a zero waste company with an approach called “The Triple E”, which stands for everyoneeverythingearly. And often, to the great pleasure of Clif Bar, the engagement in this process has actually saved them money! It isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good business!

Clif Bar believes in the idea that it isn’t just important to sell their products, but to do so in a socially responsible way that doesn’t negatively impact the world.

As Clif Bar has found, taking the time to understand where their packaging materials come from and the environmental impact they have isn’t hard, but involves a commitment to the process. If only more companies could follow in their path and recognize the impact of what they create, then the world would be a much greener place.

We can’t just look at the end result anymore, but instead on where our products come from and what went in to their creation. It sounds so simple, but why aren’t more people doing it?

I support companies like Clif Bar and believe in getting their message out because it is clear that they are making a difference. Their example is an important one to follow, but it doesn’t have to just happen at an organizational level. We can all be more mindful of what we buy and where we shop, and to not take too much from the planet, beyond what we need. And the more we get involved in being a conscious citizen, the greater impact we can have on others.

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