How corporations can enact social change

By Victoria Endsley
I think that the question that companies ask themselves is no different than what I ask myself personally ~ what can I do and what can I do to help others?

It’s no mystery that we feel the most fulfillment when we are giving back and helping others or reaching out and building a connection.  Business may be where the money is, but social entrepreneurship is where the real value is.  There is always a bottom-line in business, but increasingly companies are catching on to the reward and in fact growth that global Corporate Social Responsibility brings to business.

Each company must address their business needs, but beyond that, each must dedicate themselves to a cause or causes that matter to them. Where there are social programs, employees with greater community involvement are found and in turn, a better company is built.

Yes, perhaps I do believe that it is obligatory for Fortune 500 companies to think big and tackle these larger problems, but I think they agree as well.  Partnerships that have a great impact are being formed via Corporate Social Responsibility programs, in different sectors such as disaster relief, education, and healthcare.

The social value of these programs fuels the financial and in-kind investments that both employees and corporations as a whole are making locally and globally.  People want to make a difference and want to attach themselves to causes. These programs make that possible. It isn’t just good business, it’s being a conscious citizen. It’s realizing that if you can, you must.


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