Profile of Pernille Ironside, Protector of Endangered Children

By Bridget Botelho, Marketing Specialist

One of the greatest challenges to modern society is the struggle to resolve conflicts of war and protect those involved.  In certain countries, modern warfare includes the abuse of children, through their involvement as soldiers, military support and sex slaves.

Picture of Pernille from

Endangered children have been one of the most important global causes being attended to by international organizations and relief efforts. But this crisis has yet to be resolved. Luckily, Pernille Ironside has accomplished extraordinary feats in rescuing child soldiers and other children in areas of need.

Through her work at UNICEF, Ironside worked in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, which included leading a team to the release of 150 children from military forces. Additional work in Nepal resulted in rescuing over 2,000 children tied to the army of the United Communist Party of Nepal.

Pernille Ironside works fearlessly while putting her life in danger to rescue children worldwide. Her work continues through her role as UNICEF’s Child Protection Specialist in Emergencies, through which she rehabilitates children and returns them safely to their families, while also providing psychological care, educational opportunities, and life skills for a better future.

Ironside’s work is truly inspiring. May we all remember her bravery and nobility when considering how we too can make the world a better place.

See an in-depth profile of Pernille Ironside from the Christian Science Monitor, as part of its “People Making a Difference” series.

If you would like to help improve the lives of endangered children:

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