Profile of Tracy Cosgrove


By Sarah Graham-Helwig

Being nosy and prying too far into someone’s business is often looked down upon.  However, hundreds of kids’ lives were saved because Tracy Cosgrove was being nosy.  One afternoon, Tracy was looking at the construction of her new apartment being built in the beach town of Pattaya, Thailand, when suddenly she noticed all of the construction workers squeezing into one van. She proceeded to follow them, because she wanted to learn more about their lives and how they survived on just 5 dollars a day. To her surprise, she saw families living in tiny huts and children playing with empty beer bottles in piles of sewage. There were among 800 men, women and children living in the poverty-stricken area, and Tracy couldn’t believe her eyes.

That image changed Tracy forever, and she decided to act on it and change the situation. Tracy began to construct an on-site nursery for the workers’ kids and brought them toys; this became the first nursery of many. I commend Tracy for her ability to create a short-term solution and later follow up with a long-term solution. This shows her passion and commitment towards helping the kids of Thailand.

Since then, Tracy has renovated an orphanage in Yangon, Burma, and has created kindergartens and nurseries in Pattaya and Bangkok. She also bought 200 bicycles for HIV-positive children in northern Thailand with her own money.  For her independently-funded work, she was named Scotswoman of the Year in 2003.

See the full article about Tracy Cosgrove’s work from The Christian Science Monitor, as a part of its “People Making a Difference” series.

Other ways you can get involved and help the children of Thailand:

–       Volunteer to serve disabled children & their families in Thailand

–       Give confidence to poor children in Thailand trying to thrive in school

–       Direct an orphanage in Thailand

For more ways to help, visit:


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