Participate in Our Writing Contest

By Cheryl Mahoney

We are excited to announce a writing contest: “Haiti’s Earthquake: Two Years After” in collaboration with Helium and GlobalPost.

In the spirit of citizen journalism, we’re asking you to dig in and learn what you can, then bring your knowledge back by writing articles on the topics we’ll provide–these will become available as soon as the contest launches.

The contest will begin at 12:01 am GMT on February 17th.  Submissions will be accepted for 10 days, until 11:59 pm GMT on February 26th. The contest will include five topics; these will be displayed on the contest page when the contest begins. After the 26th, they will be closed for submission for a one-week rating period. Winners of the Helium contest will be displayed on the leaderboard on March 5th, and winners of the best articles for each partnering organization will be announced on the contest page.

This unique collaboration offers numerous opportunities for you to win!  You could have your writing featured on UniversalGiving’s blog.  You could be published on GlobalPost’s Fault Line Special Reports page, with a payment of $250.  You could win a cash prize from Helium of up to $100.

Learn more details on Helium’s website.  Remember, the contest opens on February 17th, so come back to learn the article topics and start writing!


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