New Website Tells Stories of Nonprofits Who Inspire

This is a guest post from the BCBSNC Foundation.

Everyone has a story.  Stories of courage.  Of hope.  Of perseverance.  Stories of people who are changing lives.

Stories that make you inspired.

At the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Foundation we have the great fortune to work with inspiring people every day. Recently, we launched an online effort ( to share these stories with others in the hopes of bringing them inspiration too.

From a program aimed at getting children outdoors, to dentists committing their careers to caring for the underserved and doctors that still make house calls, these stories – and others – are the stories of Inspired.

We have the privilege to see so much compassion and humanity in our work that we decided to give people the opportunity to hear and see these stories themselves. And what better way than to have them told first-person? The videos on characterize the personal and emotional nature of someone’s life work.

We wanted to focus on humanity as a central theme to the website design and welcome visitors with the faces of the Inspired grantees on the homepages. One click and two minutes later – inspiration has been passed on, from person to person, from a grantee in North Carolina to someone sitting at a computer screen anywhere in the world.

Finding and telling stories is one challenge; figuring out how to share them with as many people as possible became quite another. We knew that each featured grantee would have their own community of supporters, but these stories deserve a broader audience. After all, a good story should not be limited in who can experience it. And so, with 800 million people on Facebook and 200 million tweets taking flight each day, we thought surely there was a space in the social sphere for folks to be inspired.

As such, prominently features a content bar that reads “Share this story and we’ll invest $1 in a healthier North Carolina” along with direct links to Twitter, Facebook and email. Click a button and you get an auto-generated message with a link and a note to your friends and followers that they, too, can help invest in a healthier North Carolina simply by sharing a story. Each time a button is hit, each time a story is told, we put $1 into a fund to be distributed among the organizations featured on the site.

So what will success ultimately look like? It is hard to tell at this point. The site is generating a fair amount of traffic, shares are starting to accumulate and the stories of nine North Carolina nonprofits are reaching parts of the globe not imagined just a couple of months ago.

We invite you to see and share for yourself.

Author: Amon Marstiller, Director of Communications for Leadership Positioning and Corporate Citizenship for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation


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