Pamela’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: The Value and Sincerity of Small Teams

Leadership is so personal, so intimate, and takes a huge amount of devotion. It’s about communication, trust and building relationships.  This article by Pat Lencioni is quietly brilliant. My favorite part is about small teams that are effective, are 3-8.  People need to be heard. They need to feel they can get across their ideas. As the team grows, the ‘space’ for their voice dimishes.

And then what happens next is the diminishing of a culture. Because the voice -their voice – will be heard.  People will talk amongst themselves. They become disgruntled. The lunch table talk becomes about what doesn’t work, because your teammates, will listen. The bonding comes not from “what can we do to improve our service, our business our product as a team?” to team members who bond over what doesn’t work.  Here, they know their voice will be heard.

Sometimes, it’s hard to carve out the time, resources and money so that your team members are heard.  It may, at times, seem unrelated to your business.  And a huge investment of managers, personnel and time.  But in many ways it is not. These are real concerns with team members; they must be heard.  In addition we are all growing.  All of us. Interns, CEOs, volunteers, executive committees, board members, managers, engineers, consultants.   All learning to express ourselves in new and different ways.   And hopefully, making the investment for clearer communications, quicker joint action, and most importantly, more trusting relationships.  Plus, it’s just more fun to work together.

So keep investing in (and listening to) your team. It’s keep your ‘3-8 team’  tight.


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